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News and Updates
See the Summer Show 2014 pictures here - Sept 2014
Insight School of Art attend Clifford Road site - August 2014
Congratulations to Maureen Roddick for plot entry into Borough competition - July 2014
Added ‘History’ page showing old aerial views of allotment site - Dec 2013
Our Summer Show raises £2500 for local charities - Sept 2013
See the Summer Show pictures here - Sept 2013
John Bridge, Plot competition winner - July 2013
NEW EVENT FOR 2013! SUMMER SHOW to be held 31st AUGUST - 24th May 2013
Plot and site competition 2013 - 24th May 2013
CONGRATULATIONS - 2012 Best Plot in Borough - 25th July 2012
Plot and site competition 2012 - 24th June 2012
Plot competition final results - 18th July 2011
Wildlife page added. Grass snakes spotted! - 17th July 2011
Plot competition winner - 7th July 2011
Plot competition entries received and judging dates - 24th June 2011
Best plot competition - 1st June 2011

Rent hike backdown by council - 26th May 2011

Flammable liquids and gas cylinders - 24th February 2011
London Fire Brigade have requested that flammable liquids and gas bottles are not stored in allotment sheds.
Barnet Council have issued a notice banning the storage of these items in allotment sheds.