Clifford Road allotment site has not always been as it is. In the days when Maws Factory owned the golf course and other areas of Tudor Sports Ground there were allotments where the car park is now sited.
Maws1937(2) (1)
The above aerial views of Maws taken in 1937 clearly shows the present car park area as allotments. The area of ‘waste’ land between the allotment site and the footpath running between Clifford Road and Cromer Road was also once laid out as allotments as a later council site plan below shows.
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 04 Dec 17.44.12
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 04 Dec 17.44.45
The above aerial photo also shows the allotments on what is now car park. The Clifford Road to Cromer Road footpath can be seen running across the field area behind Cromer Road School, exiting at the junction of Clifford Road and Potters Road. The footpath was relocated to it’s present position at a later date.

More views, photographed in 1937, of the allotments and Maws factory with it’s golf course and sports facilities.
Maws 1937