Barnet Council had proposed to increase the rent for allotments in the borough in April 2012 from the present £59 per standard ten pole plot to £170 per plot for Barnet residents and £340 per plot for non-residents. The Council have now backed down over these hugh increases in the face of a legal challenge from allotment holders. The Council have said that:

..........they will not be implementing the Cabinet decision of last February to increase rents
..........the notices about the proposed rent increase sent to allotment holders in early April on directly managed and ‘self collect’ sites were delivered too late and would not have any effect
..........the Council will take a fresh decision about allotment rents in September. These rents would only apply to allotment holders who chose not to manage their own sites under the Council’s ‘self-management’ proposals.

We believe these rents could not be increased until April 2013.

The threat of court proceedings against the Council has therefore been dropped.