The allotment shop, or ‘trading hut’ as it is known to many is open from the Spring to Autumn at the times indicated on the right.

Although the shop once stocked a good range of gardening needs including a range of potting composts and fertilisers, as more garden centres have appeared the trend has been for more people to use them rather than their allotment shop. Only popular items are now stocked and some of those little items you may just run out of like string, plant labels, slug pellets etc. are kept. Bamboo canes, bird netting and ground cover are also kept in stock as these are not always easy to transport.

Why not pop in to have a look at what is available, we might have something that will save you having to drive in the car.

Grass mowers and cultivators are available for allotment holders to use on the site on a first come first served basis. Mowers are free to use whereas cultivators attract a small hourly fee. Petrol is not provided by us so make sure you have your petrol with you. Please note that flammable liquids (and gas bottles) are no longer allowed to be stored in allotment sheds.

The shop is operated by volunteer allotment members. If you can help please get in touch, details here.