Nature Area

A few years ago three very overgrown allotment plots were slowly brought back to use, not as cultivated plots but as an area of flora and forna that would be beneficial to an allotment site.
The area has since evolved to provide further enjoyment for allotment holders. With it’s grassed areas, tree shaded areas and a pond rich in all sorts of pondy things the area lends itself to being used for picnics, lessons in pond-life, somewhere to sit quietly and ‘ponder’ and a wonderful setting for the summer BBQ and other social events like the popular Halloween Night. Have a look via the Gallery tab above to see photos of past events like these.


In 2005 the pond was home to a pair of visiting ducks who stayed for a few weeks before flying off. It was nice that they should think our pond good enough for a short vacation but they did leave it a little messy!

There is a large number of frogs around and the noise and activity at spawning time is something to witness. Fish that have been introduced on several occasions don’t seem to stay long, maybe the heron and foxes have something to do with it.

Please be aware that whilst children are welcome to use the Nature Area and see all the exciting pond life, they are expected to act sensibly and respect nature.
Parents and guardians must also accept full responsibility for their children’s safety.