Plot and Site Competition

2017 Competition

Plot 97, John Bridge, was entered this year into the best plot competition but was not as successful as in previous years of entry.
The Clifford Road allotment site however excelled this year in the borough wide site competition in achieving First place. The trophy and award was received by Maureen Roddick, our BAF representative, at the award presentation evening in October.

Maureen,pictured right, receiving rose bowl trophy for first place in site competition 2017

2014 Competition

Plot 17, belonging to Maureen Roddick, was entered into the Borough wide competition for best plot this year. Standards were particularly high this season and Maureen’s plot took 4th place overall.
The Clifford Road site made it into the finals for judging and ended up with 3rd overall in the Borough. A big thank you to all plot holders who made the extra effort this year to help us gain a higher result than we have achieved in recent years.

2013 Competition

The judging for the best allotment plot and site for 2013 will take place in September this year, a little later than previous years.
If you would like to have your plot considered for the competition then please contact Rick Martin, our Secretary, who will be pleased to advise you
and enter your plot. Rick can often be found working on his allotment, number 78, or contacted by email
Please also do your best to maintain a tidy allotment and site to enable us to achieve well in the borough-wide allotment site competition.

Congratulations again go to John Bridge, Plot 97, for the Best Plot on site. John was up against tough competition in the borough-wide judging this year and unfortunately didn’t manage to retain Best Plot in Borough for a second year.

2012 Competition

The individual plot competition has altered slightly this year in that each site submits only ONE plot into the area competition.
Plot 97, belonging to John Bridge has been chosen as the individual plot to represent Clifford Road Allotments in this years area competition.
Our site has also been entered into the area wide site competition which will be judged around the middle of July. We would ask all plot holders to make
an effort to tidy up their plots and also keep the site tidy and free from any rubbish.

Results Update:

CONGRATULATIONS to John Bridge, Plot 97, for succeeding in winning the Best Plot in the Borough 2012.
All judges were extremely impressed with John’s plot this year and have awarded him Best Plot.
John will receive the winners trophy later in the year at the BFAHS annual prize presentations.
John says even better things are on the drawing board and promised for next year’s competition!

P1150374 P1150375
Views of John Bridges winning plot for 2012

John with an armful of silver rose bowl presented for best plot in borough waiting for the Clifford Road Site Best Plot Trophy Cup
to be presented to him by Chairman Rick Martin.


2011 Competition

The judging for the best allotment plot for 2011 will take place on 7th July.
If you would like to enter your plot (it’s free!) please contact Rick Martin who, as a previous winner, will let you know all you need to know.
The winning plot in our site competition will go forward to be judged in the borough area competition which is judged on 9th July.
Each area winner will then be judged for the best overall plot in the borough on 16th July

Great fun, if you haven’t entered in previous years then give it a go.

Speak to Rick on plot 78 or email
All entries must be received by June 24th 2011

24th June UPDATE Entries received for the 2011 plot competition are:

Plot 15A Self Unlimited
Plot 97 Mr Bridge
Plots 124 & 125 Mr Martin
Plot 126 Mrs Martin

These plots will be judged at 6.15pm on Thursday 7th July 2011
Plot holders are asked to vacate their plot when judging takes place
The plot receiving the highest number of points will go through to be judged in the area competition on Saturday 9th July 2011
Best plot in each area will then go on to be judged in the borough competition on 16th July

7th July UPDATE Plot 97 Mr Bridge, having won the best plot on site will now be judged in the area competition on Saturday 9th July 2011
John Bridge’s 2011 Winning Plot

18th July UPDATE John Bridge’s plot was among 11 borough wide plots to be judged in the final round where John’s plot came 7th overall.

Site Competition 12 allotment sites from the borough entered the best site competition where our site ended up coming 8th place. We’ll all have to try harder next year!